Cooperation between Attain Co., Ltd and entered into business cooperation with Attain Co., Ltd., which provides e-learning solutions to support excellent Japanese language learners mainly in Asia. We will continue to improve support and service provision for employment and career change of people who want to work with Japanese.

Attain Co., Ltd.’s service introduction
To those who want to learn Japanese: Japanese online studying platform “Attain Online Japanese”. From beginner to advanced, videos that have been prepared in accordance with the level, appeared in system with unlimited viewing monthly!

Advantages of this course
・Provide multilingual service for students of Japanese language school with different mother tongue.
・Detailed teaching videos with animation illustration.
・Cartoon teaching videos which can be repeated whenever you like.
・Contain subtitle in English, Vietnamese and other languages, even Japanese beginners could understand easily.(Subtitle languages are enriched all the time, you are welcomed to consult anytime.)
・Studying material included (printable, preview, review and practice are encouraged)
・Offering LMS(Learning Management System)
・The courses are designed on the basis of JLPT, so you could know your level easily.
・We are still perfect our courses… “Business Manners”, “Information Security” and other practical working courses will be added.

*Contain English subtitle. Video playback time totaling 79 hours.


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